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Thrivus™ is a leading-edge inoculant for Hard Red Spring Wheat. It is a combination of two synergistic bacteria strains which improve nutrient availability and uptake, improving plant health.

Thrivus™ increases both yield and profitability, averaging wheat growers 3-4bu/acre over untreated control.

Thrivus™ enhances nutrient availability and use, improves root branching and plant growth, and boosts plants natural defenses and stress tolerances.

Thrivus™ maximizes production 
in sub-optimal regions within fields.

Thrivus™ increases yield by 3-4bu/ac and increases profitability by up to 50%.

Thrivus™ is part of a complete seed offering and requires no changes to current on-farm operations. Just ask for Thrivus when booking your certified seed with a local dealer.

How does Thrivus™ work?

Thrivus™ takes advantage of a combination of two microbes to drive nutrient uptake and improve yield and profitability.

  • Enhances plant defense

  • Enhances early plant growth and root branching

  • Improves microbe establishment in the root zone

  • Increases phosphate, sulfur and iron availability

Stanley, ND (2021)


36.8 bu/ac

(+4.1 bu/ac, +12.5%)


32.7 bu/ac


  • 57.6
  • 46.4
  • 37.4
  • 28.8
  • 20.3
  • 9.2
  • 0

Improves Grain Yield

±6% yield contribution, ±84% success rates
Multi locations and seasons data

Improves Early Establishment

Example: stand count with 12% improvement

Results are consistent with the observations of WNDRVI showing Result

Hear what growers have to say

As a farmer, I want the most profitability out of my acres. Maximizing production and raising a healthy crop is very important to me, and with Thrivus™ from Lavie-Bio it’s very clear to see the benefit it brings to my farm operation. Wheat treated with Thrivus™ produces a better stand, healthier grain, and higher yields. Sitting in the combine and watching the combine monitor you can clearly see the benefit from Thrivus™ compared to my untreated acres- the bushels are better quality and there are more of them. The Results speak for themselves.

Kyle Nichols (Palermo, ND)

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