better by nature

Productivity. Health. Sustainability.

better productivity

Improved productivity. Naturally.

Drive yield per acre through improved pest management, growth stimulation and input utilizations.

better nutrition

We are what we eat.

Providing produce with reduce chemical residue and improved nutritional values

better future

Good practices. Sustainable planet.

Environmentally friendly ag-solutions – preserving our planet resources

our mission

Improve food quality, sustainability and agriculture productivity through microbiome based
ag-biologicals technology and products

Better by nature

Better food for consumers with improved quality and health attributes. Better agriculture for a sustainable enviroment.

Nature is the ultimate resource – we partner with the untapped potential of the microbiome.

our products

Lavie Bio’s ag-biological products under development are based on the naturally occurring microbial population living close to or within the plant.



Enhancing plant performance



Protecting plants from pests

Product Pipeline




Dev. Stage 1

Dev. Stage 2





Wheat – Thrivus™

Yield improvement under normal & drought

Seed treatment / other soil application


Yield improvement under normal & drought

Seed treatment



Fruit rots




Seedings disease

Seed treatment


Various Targets

Soil / foliar application

our technology

Biology Driven Design platform (BDD)

The BDD platform facilitates and accelerates the design and development of microbiome-based products through the decoding of complex microbiome/host interactions and the identification of the key genetic elements (functions) governing these interactions. This decoding, which enables amplification of positive or elimination of negative, and/or the retrieval of lost interactions, is powered by big data and artificial intelligence, provides the basis for products design.


Amplify positive interactions

Eliminate negative interactions

Retrieve lost interactions

Powered by

  • Evogene’s MicroBoost AI engine

  • Taxon technology platform

System Modeling




System Modeling

Lavie Bio harnesses Microbiome, host and environmental OMIC interconnected BIG DATA hub that is core in its ability to Discover, Optimize and Develop products.

With more than 5 PETABYTES of integrated and interconnected data Lavie Bio can model the complex microbiome-host interaction as a basis for Analysis and Design.

The interconnected data hub is evolving constantly based on validation results and other data sets.


Lavie Bio’s proprietary algorithms, leveraging advanced informatic technologies, enable it to use the genomic prism as its language.

Through the multi – layer OMIC data we understand the role of key genetic elements for product design.


Microbes are functional units. Compiling the right set of functionality of the product and optimizing their performance are key for success

We utilize our in-silico design technology for discovery and optimization of microbial products.

Based on the genetic prism understanding we prioritize and improve key functions as well as develop fermentation protocols and formulation technologies – in order to drive efficacy, stability and commercial viability.


The biological screening & validation platform is an inherent part of Lavie Bio’s technology platform.

The platform’s ‘in-planta’ component translates ‘in-silico’ predictions into results which are then fed back into the platform’s in-silico component.

This feedback loop, based on carefully tailored data, continuously improves Lavie Bio’s prediction capabilities.